Topic: Can't load Digiface AVB driver under Windows 11

I am attempting to use a Digiface AVB and AVB-Tool under Windows 11.  I have successfully used this hardware connected to a Macbook Pro M1 Max, but need to use a Windows host in another studio. 

For some reason, the Digiface AVB driver is not loading.  The Windows 11 Device Manager reports "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)   There are no compatible drivers for this device.   To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver."

I have download and run the latest driver:  driver_madinet_win_09747_09566 and rebooted the PC, but the problem remains.  I can't browse to locate the RME driver, since it appears to be packaged only into the executable. 

TotalMix loads but can't connect to the AVB-Tool (of course). 

Help would be much appreciated.


Re: Can't load Digiface AVB driver under Windows 11

That must have a simple reason, like unconnected USB. There is nothing complicated with that. Connect the DF AVB  to the computer via USB, see how it awakes (LEDs light up), then the computer must find it.

The question is: the unknown device without drivers in Device Manager - is that really the DF AVB? Disconnect it to see if that entry goes away.

Not sure why you mention the AVB Tool, though. It will never show up in Windows anywhere.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Can't load Digiface AVB driver under Windows 11

It really is the Digiface USB.  When I unplug its USB cable, the device disappears from the Device Manager and when reconnected, the device reappears. 

I was only able to resolve this by using the Device Manager feature which allows to manually select a driver by class.  I searched all classes, found RME AVB for USB3, installed it and the AVB subsequently appeared in the Audio inputs and outputs category within the Device Manager. 

However, somethings still amiss since audio is not flowing into/out of TotalMix.  I can't see the AVB at, the IP address reported on the AVB.  The AVB USB connection glows blue, its network LED flashes rapidly and the AVB network connection flashes, but more slowly.

Re: Can't load Digiface AVB driver under Windows 11

Hi. I am getting a similar problem with Windows 10 and a Digiface Dante. Windows Device Manager sees the Digiface but gives me the same message: "The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28)." When I open MADIface Series Settings, all the information is there, showing it to be the latest version of the driver. The thing is, the device is working perfectly. The application I am using, a video record/playback server, is seeing audio coming in. Total Mix also sees the audio. So I guess I don't have a problem, I just wanted to report the issue with Win Device Mgr.

Re: Can't load Digiface AVB driver under Windows 11

The Digiface Dante / AVB is a multifunction USB device. It needs an audio driver and for the network functionallity a network driver. It could be that you missed to install the network driver if audio is still working. In the device manager you find the audio driver under "Sound video and game controllers", the network driver is found under "Network adapters". Could you please check that the drivers are installed? On the rme webpage there is a windows driver packet for audio only and another one for audio + networking.