Topic: AVB Remote Connection Issues

  I've tried to read through a number of threads to see if anyone has a similar problem but have not.  My current setup is a Macbook Pro 2018 OS Ventura and connecting to UFX+ via Thunderbolt 2/usbc adapter, and 12mic using MADI optical.  I have used this setup for a couple years and works GREAT.  I love placing the 12mic on stage or near and then running a 100' tactical MADI cable to my recording system.

With the new UFXIII only offering USB3.  I decided to try my USB3 port.  Unfortunately, The MIDI Remote AVB will not connect to the 12mic. However- when I switch back to the TB connection- everything works.  What am I missing?

Re: AVB Remote Connection Issues

does the audio-side work (do you see the signal in TotalMix)?
Have you re-selected the MIDI ports in the MIDI settings of MIDI Remote AVB? (the port ids are likely different between the Thunderbolt and USB drivers)
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