Topic: audio network card slot(s) on future UFX?


thanks for great products!

I'm curious, if it would not make sense for future compatibility / modularity / better price if not required

to go similar route as some other manufacturers, and to offer basic rock solid devices with steadyclock FS and TMFX with upgraded multichannel speaker management

and let the user to choose and/or upgrade I/O in future if required, in order:

- Dante, AVB, MADI
- analog I/O, mic preamps, AES I/O, ADAT

Personally I really like UFX III, but missing AVB option and unused MADI is not making it viable, even I like everything else about it.

Some studio use cases would benefit from 4 front mic preamps and 16 line outputs instead of additional line inputs on the rear.

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Re: audio network card slot(s) on future UFX?

AND THE FX CHIP - we need FX especially in the PCIe cards so we can use software ONLY (Steinberg's amazing VST LIVE PRO) without digital mixer - MANY more analogue RME i/O will be sold*-)

The problem with adding a digital mixer is that the performer's in-ear personal monitor mixes use phone/ipad/etc. to adjust levels.

Having a digital mixer requires it's own satellite personal mix device (ipad/phone/etc.) which is not needed IF the PCIe card HAS SOME FX !!!

best wishes to all

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Re: audio network card slot(s) on future UFX?

don't get me wrong, but this thread is requesting I/O card slots for UFX, at least for the networked audio

nothing about PCIE or processing, maybe you missed the thread?