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Topic: Totalmix Zoom and Scroll

Hi All

New to RME. Using Totalmix on a 16" Macbook Pro. With the window set to Full Screen and 135% it fits perfectly in the window. I can also scroll left and right on each row (Input, Software, Outputs). However, if I want to make the strips bigger for my old tired eyes, say 180%, there seems to be no way to scroll down to the output strips. This is very strange, and is easy to do when zoomed in on the Ipad version. (If I select 2 ROW it gets rid of the Software row is solves the problem mostly - but it should still be scrollable I reckon).

Am I missing something? Or is the UI overdue for an update?

Cheers, Nathan.


Re: Totalmix Zoom and Scroll

Workaround: use 2 Row mode.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Totalmix Zoom and Scroll

MC wrote:

Workaround: use 2 Row mode.

Yep that seems to be the solution. It still seems archaic that you can scroll around the UI on an iPad but not on a Mac.