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Topic: Totalmix FX & Eucon<>Mackie Control

Hello forum,

I currently have a Avid Dock and 2 Artist Mix controllers with my Pro Tools setup working just great, but was tossing the idea around to give those controllers the ability to work with TMFX as well, since EUCON has the option to add a Mackie Control compatible program in its Control Panel, and I've got it just about 100% working.

I'm using Windows 10, and searching for Control Panel shows 'Eucon'. Here, I can add the TotalMix.exe (located at C:\Windows\System32). It automatically adds "Ports 1-4". Once that part is completed, I open TotalMix FX, Settings and select the MIDI tab. I then selected "Remote Controller Select #1", and the Midi In and Midi Out drop-down menus show "Euphonix EuMidi1, Euphonix EuMidi2, Euphonix EuMidi3 & Euphonix EuMidi4". I assume these correspond with EUCON midi Ports 1-4 that I assigned in it's Control Panel when adding TotalMix FX program to the list.

I assigned and checked all the boxes to get communication between the first Artist Mix controller and TotalMix FX. I can now see that the first 8 hardware inputs of TMFX are a different color with a MIDI icon. I have fader, pan, solo, mute. The bank and nudge buttons on this controller shift these channels accordingly. Since the Artist Mix doesn't have the up and down buttons to change rows in TMFX, I managed to assign user buttons/softkeys on my Avid Dock to successfully make this happen.

But, adding the second hardware controller repeating the same process as above, but with  "Remote Controller Select #2" and Euphonix EuMidi2, I loose all functionality with both controllers, loose the color change of the channels showing midi control, or they 'mirror' each other, or some combination of the two, intermittently. It seems no matter what I try, I can only get one control surface working properly.

I guess my question here is can I assign 16 channels of midi control in TMFX between 2 hardware control surfaces?

Does anyone else have any experience with these particular controllers and TMFX that can help me figure out what to do? Or maybe it's just an unstable portion of the software?

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Re: Totalmix FX & Eucon<>Mackie Control


I tried to use only one S1 and Dock for this on a Mac and never really made it work reliably.

Could you tell me the EUCON command you used for assigning user buttons/softkeys on the Avid Dock for switching between hardware input / software playback and hardware outputs?
I might give it another try then as the inability to switch between the rows was another show stopper...

Regarding more than one surface:
I assume you made sure to enable the "Extender to 1" option in the MIDI Settings of Total Mix?

With pre Eucon surfaces we had 24 faders working pretty well in Total Mix using Mackie Control (on a Digidesign Pro Control and a C24 with the help of the V-Control software by Neyrinck. That won't work for EUCON controllers though).