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That problem of graphics after screensaver maybe(?)is still going after updating to Ventura. Its like a glitch with graphics and weird appearance. After new driver I also updated the firmware but still there. Any fixes / suggestions on this? I had this in the past when bought babyface pro fs (2 years ago) in the very beginning though when updated it to newest version/driver problem was solved.


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Re: Total Mix Fx Graphic Glitch

Also having this exact issue since switching from an RX580 to a 5700xt within Ventura 13.3, TotalMix 1.80. This is what it looks like:  graphics glitch


Re: Total Mix Fx Graphic Glitch

Here is a new attempt to fix what seems to be a bug in the driver of said graphics cards.

Exit TM FX completely, copy the extracted file to Applications folder. …

Note: we cannnot reproduce this effect as we don't own a single Mac with such a misbehaving graphics card. So we can only add routines that might help. And even if they do we are not keen to add such crude workarounds to our normally released versions.

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Re: Total Mix Fx Graphic Glitch

Thanks for this. I have the same issue (using Monterey 12.6.2 on iMac 2020 i7 w/72gb ram), however under OS Catalina it worked fine. Total Mix Mac Glitch.png