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Hi all - my first post here

I think that there is something very basic that I do not understand in TotalMix ...

UCX II, Analog input 1, I connect a mic. I mute the track. And yes, the blue global mute button on the right is switched on.

I know that there is no hardware mute. I would expect that the meter shows off the incoming signal, and that the signal wouldn't be routed anywhere. But the signal IS being routed to everywhere, to main, to phones, to DAW, no matter if the mute switch is on off.

How can I mute the mic without pulling the cable out of the device ??


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Re: Track mute issue

The mute button in the hardware input channel doesn’t affect the signal which goes over USB to the computer / DAW, but only the direct signal which can be routed to (and monitored on) hardware outputs. If you have software monitoring activated in the DAW, the signal comes back to the 'software playback' and from there - depending on the routing within TotalMix- also to main out and headphone out.

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Re: Track mute issue

Sometimes for a handsome workflow a simple handswitch does the trick.

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Re: Track mute issue

Thanks Oli and waedi for support.

And yes, monitors were turned on - wasn’t thinking about that.
Besides that, for some live situations I was thinking about hand switches anyways, so this suggestion is much appreciated.