Topic: Please remove waiting time for search

The website search forces a 30 seconds waiting time after a search. This is not practical. One searches for a phrase, does not get the wanted results and then would like to try another combination of words to see if one gets better results. But that is not possible (in a sensible way) due the enforced waiting time. Please disable the waiting time! :-)

Re: Please remove waiting time for search

Use google ! The search function of the forum is not useful.
Google knows the forum content better than the forum search function.
Search for Totalmix, result zero. (!)

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Re: Please remove waiting time for search

The search function is sometimes better than google if I am e.g. looking up threads from me or another person or regarding a certain topic. In that regards the search fields of extended forum search are very useful.
As the used search terms are cached its quite comfortably to lookup stuff repeatedly, you can in this case re-use often used search terms. To put an example, posts from me to the topic powermizer. This leads me to the last threads regarding system optimization in conjunction with nVidia cards. This is only one example, there are others.
I agree, turning down to maybe 10s would be much relaxing if you mistype or use a not so good query.
If anything fails, I use google, but there you might get more results than wanted.

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Re: Please remove waiting time for search

I reduced the waiting time to 10 seconds, is that ok?
Edit: Just saw you also suggested 10 :-)

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