Topic: Midi over madi routing, madiface xt and madiface pro

Dear all, I have maybe a bit strange use case but i hope this is possible and hopefully you can help me find the right settings.

I have a Madiface XT at the monitor location for recording and I use a Crookwood pre-amp with a madi card. This pre-amp can be controlled trough midi but not midi over madi.

I also own a madiface pro with midi ports which i use as backup recorder interface. This backup recorder (laptop) could be at the stage and the madiface could also be a nice monitoring interface to listen to my channels while i am at the stage.

Now i was thinking instead of unrolling a seperate cable for the Crookwood remote every gig. Could i connect the madiface pro midi ports to the crookwood pre-amp and the madiface XT midi ports to the remote and port the data trough the Madi fibre line?

A bit like a embedder-->de-embedder function.

If so how would one set this up in the RME software?

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Re: Midi over madi routing, madiface xt and madiface pro

I already saw your post in the FB group.
I think what you want is only possible using the computer to route the midi in from the (midi-over-)MADI port to the standard midi out (which is connected to the midi in on the preamp). To my knowledge there is no internal midi routing (like audio in Totalmix).
EDIT: more complicated than expected: On a Mac this should work with Audio-Midi-Setup.

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Re: Midi over madi routing, madiface xt and madiface pro

Ah, Totalmix has no internal midi pipeline to route a physical midi input from te system directly to a midi over madi port and i have to use a third party routing software for this. Maybe i can fix something within my DAW. Thanks for the input this was what i wanted to know!