Topic: TotalMix FX 183 Frozen win 11

My TotalMix is frozen in Win 11. This seems to be the lastest version of TM. I can see that it's passing signal but I can't move any knobs or faders and the only way to close it is through task manager. Plus. it seems that the master out is at -10db. I'm using this with a Madi card. Any workarounds so I can use totalmix?


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Re: TotalMix FX 183 Frozen win 11

What I would try :
Reset ASIO
Device manager - disable RME interface
eventually restart computer
Device manager - re-enable RME interface
Open Totalmix

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Re: TotalMix FX 183 Frozen win 11

That seemed to work. Thank you. We'll see if it has to be done every time but at least this is a workaround. Thank you!!