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Olá, !

With a Fireface UFX II I recently updated to the latest driver but in my DAW (Cubase) the name of the soundcard disappeared and it´s now called ASIO, it works, but if I am inside the DAW I cannot hear anything in the computer, such as tracks or audio from the browser.
Am I doing something wrong?
This was working fine before the latest update.
I could have Cubase open and listen to stuff outside in the pc.


Re: Audio Sources - DAW and WINDOWS

MADIface Series Settings dialog - how many WDM devices are enabled?

Matthias Carstens

Re: Audio Sources - DAW and WINDOWS

There´s only one, but I only use one output.
Do I have to choose more and then re-route with Totalmix?

And in the other option is in stereo, but it also has a multi-channel option.