Topic: FX using both, RME UFX and UFX III

Hi everyone,
Since I upgraded from UFX to UFX III, now I have 2 interfaces, which gives me more inputs and more flexibility. In my studio I work under Window 10 (occasionally with MacBookPro, when do mobile recordings). I have connected UFX as a stand alone unit to ADAT in on UFX III, and UFX III is connected to my PC. It works great, but I wonder if there are any possibilities to improve 2 things:

1. Each time when I need to change sample rate I need to connect my UFX to a computer. Usually, I use my MacBook, so I don't need to disconnect UFX III from my studio PC). Is it possible to change sample rate on UFX without connecting to any host?

2. I would love to use separated instances of TotalMix for each, UFX and UFX III, so I can use separated FX processors.

So, is it possible anyhow or will be possible in the nearest future? As I understand that it depends on the possibility to run drivers for both interfaces simultaneously on the same computer. Is there any option to do so?

Re: FX using both, RME UFX and UFX III

Yes it just works with both connected via usb

Vincent, Amsterdam
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