Topic: Digicheck NG for Windows bugs/wishlist

Some have already been mentioned but...

DigiCheck NG bugs/feature requests:

- vector scope has L/R audio inputs swapped!
- peak level measuring is off compared to old DigiCheck and other level metering tools
- vector scope optically clips the drawn signal (auto-gain compressor/limiter not working fast enough?)
- impossible to have multiple DigiCheck NG instances running at the same time
- no true infinite peak hold for peak level reading
- horizontal peak meter stuck with lower dB limit of -50 dB (should go lower than that)
- feature request: getting rid of scale readings on one of the two sides of the graph to save space
- feature request: option to have the same layout as in old Totalizer
- feature request: keyboard shortcut options as with old DigiCheck (like CTRL+H to reset spectrum analyzer peaks)
- Global Record functionality

I very much appreciate the effort on this. I was happy with the old one but once this one is ironed out, it should be even better!


Re: Digicheck NG for Windows bugs/wishlist

This list has been posted in the other (correct) thread already, and it is much too early for a wish list thread of DC NG. I think I was very clear about that in my opening post!

Matthias Carstens