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Hi everyone,
I wish someone could help me with the following setup.

In my home studio/listening room, I have 2 main monitors (Focal Trio6) and two subwoofers (Focal Sub6). All are driven by a UCXII. I am using Out1/2 for the satelites, Out 3/4 for one of the subs and Out 5/6 for the other.

After lots of fine-tuning I have managed to level-match the subs and I am happy with the result. So my question is the following:

How can I connect/lock the output levels of the subs to the output of the satelites, so that when I change the main output, to have the subs also change in volume proportionally?

Many thanks in advance


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Re: Dual Sub Integration

You can use a fadergroup for that purpose, see manual.

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Re: Dual Sub Integration

Thanks so much. Really appreciated!