Topic: Ipad heavy issues!

I work with my Fireface UCXII on iPad I’m having some issues, no about the audio it’s about functionality, first need second iPad for TOTALMIX REMOTE and ain’t work. For that not working the Second step was plug a second hdmi monitor, but went I place Totalmix on that monitor and handle with mouse, Totalmix don’t accept Commands, nothing move, but went I place it on host iPad screen it accept it commands, more issues TOTALMIX ITS NOT MULTITOUCH, so TOTALMIX don’t work with IPAD XTENDED SCREENS. If you have any sideways, advice are very welcome. I WANT TOTALMIX ON THE BIG SCREEN, NOT MY LOOPYPRO DAW.


Re: Ipad heavy issues!

TotalMix Remote talks to TotalMix FX on Windows and Mac. The iPad app can not be remote controlled.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Ipad heavy issues!

I think external monitor support on iPad is not yet a mature technology…

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