Topic: Glitching Freezing TotalMix with Reaper


I have an RME Babyface Pro FS, that is new to me as of a few days ago. I'm having an issue that I don't have with any other interfaces where randomly while recording, glitches and skips and pops start coming up, and actually print into the audio, not just a playback issue. If I let it go on for a while without shutting down my computer and restarting everything, TotalMix freezes and becomes unresponsive and all the audio becomes like a record player skipping constantly. I set the clock to internal, and the sample rate is 48k across the board, it doesn't change if I increase buffer size, it seems like an issue that is happening before audio gets to reaper.

I'm on a Mac M1 11.5.1 with TotalMix 1.8.3 (1).

Any ideas as to what this could be? My DAW is Reaper, I haven't tried to see if it happens with ProTools or Logic, but I'd like to solve it with Reaper.

Re: Glitching Freezing TotalMix with Reaper

MacOS upgrade from11 to actual 13.4 solved that problem in some cases and for others it helped nothing.
Nothing to lose, worth to try.

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