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Topic: ADI-648 ...... how to do firmware update?

Hi folks,

Can anyone tell me how to do a firmware update on the ADI-648?

If i go to the product page for the unit on RME's website, there is only one (Windows) download available:

MIDI Remote Version 1.71 Win

This is listed as:

"Driver / Firmware Update / Software"

So i guess the firmware updater is included as part of MIDI Remote?

If so, i can find it anywhere in the app.

Additionally, something else that i find confusing:

Via google, i read the following about Firmware update 1.5:

"An additional mute function has been added to the routing matrix of the ADI-648".

Well, i believe my 648 is on firmware 2, yet i don't see any mute buttons or other mentions of mute in the MIDI Remote app.

Anyone have any idea how i ca see and adjust these mute states?


Re: ADI-648 ...... how to do firmware update?

There are no downloadable updates, sorry. The MIDI Remote does not do that, either.

Daniel Fuchs