Topic: Using equalizers on software playback channels in TotalMix FX

Hey guys.

My question is this:

Among studio work, I like to just practice my instruments along on the studio rig for practicality purpose but since I'm primarily a bass player, I like to cut down the lows with a simple HPF on the playbacks I practice to.

Problem is, there is no such easy way for streamed audio such as Youtube and other similar platforms. So is there a way to HPF the software playback channels in Total Mix without touching the master? Because doing the latter obviously also cuts the lows on my bass guitar.

I haven't figured that one out yet so I'd be glad to hear about this a bit more. I've heard it's supposed to be possible by rerouting the channels somehow, but have no idea on how to do that.

Thanks guys!

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Re: Using equalizers on software playback channels in TotalMix FX

Easiest way to do that is for me :
Reaper and Loopback
In Totalmix route the software playback to an unused output and enable Loopback.
Reaper (or your own DAW) receives this and you can add EQ and send back to Totalmix to another Software playback channel, from there to master out for your speakers.

Be sure not sending out of Reaper to the same channels as the other music it would create a feedback loop !

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