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Topic: Digiface Ravenna and ANEMAN

Looking into picking up a Digiface Ravenna to interface with a bunch of our Merging Technologies gear, and I was wondering if anyone could confirm that ANEMAN can discover/patch it?  I see there are Plugins for a few different DirectOut models in ANEMAN and hoped that one of them was the same chipset as the Digiface Ravenna.

Re: Digiface Ravenna and ANEMAN

The Digiface Ravenna has a Ravenna modul from DirectOut inside, so it should be no problem (allthough I did not test it myself).
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Re: Digiface Ravenna and ANEMAN

Follow-up for anyone who runs across this--as of right now the Digiface Ravenna does not show up correctly in Aneman.  It appears in the list of devices but you can't actually patch to/from.  In talking with support it's an issue being addressed between Directout and Merging Technologies, though I haven't gotten an ETA on it.

That said, doing a slower, manual-style AES67 Ravenna setup was successful and we tracked a full recording session of 64 channels at 96K last week with the RME reliability we have been so desperate for, replacing Merging Audio Device (the Ravenna software akin to DVS in Dante world).  That system consisted of a Horus, 2 Hapis, and 6 Anubis connected via 5 Netgear M4250s running the AES67 profile.