Topic: Loud blast from Babyface Pro

I'm new at these forums - sorry if I post in the wrong place.

I'm aware that this is probably not an issue with my RME babyface pro interface - nonetheless it's a major problem for me as I'm not really comfortable using my system as is, so would really appreciate some help if anyone has a solution or just some pointers.
Specs when things went wrong:
Logic pro 10.7.6
Mac mini M1 with Monterey 12.7.1
RME babyface pro(old) - driver version 3.28
NB: I have now updated Logic pro to 10.7.9 and BF pro driver to 4.x.

Working at moderate volume there's suddenly a loud blasting noise(way louder than the level I was playing at) from my speakers and my stereo out and RME meters went red. The stereo out value reads something like 70 db. I had a limiter plugin on there, but that did apparently not catch it. For a minute or two after the blast there's still some crackling noise going through my interface, but after that I'm able to play my track like before. I didn't dare turning it up very much, so couldn't really tell if the sound quality was the same as before.
I've tried it once before, but that was on my old iMac.
I have done some searching, but wasn't able to find anything conclusive except it can be any number of things - faulty plugins or buggy DAW version etc.
I would like to hear if anyone has had similar issues and were able to alleviate them? And is it possible my sound interface could be faulty?
One thing I thought of trying is the switchable attenuator:
As I understand it the loud noise I heard would be softer with that between my interface and monitors even though the interface is turned up accordingly to compensate for the attenuation. Is that correct?
My first priority is definitely protecting my hearing so really hope it's possible to confirm that.
But what about my sound interface? Is there a protection in the babyface for such extreme occasions? I guess if the interface plays on like before after a blast like that there must be some protection going on...
And concerning the phones out in the babyface pro does anyone know if there's an attenuator equivalent for 1/4" jack or some function in the bf pro that does the same thing?