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Topic: Two Fader Groups - Both Using One of the Same Outputs?

Good evening.

I have two sets of monitors and one subwoofer. I would like to set up both sets of monitors to utilize my subwoofer, but also be part of a fader group, each. It doesn't seem to allow it. Here is my current setup:

Snapshot/Mix 1

Monitors A (AES) + Sub (AN 3/4)
1. Main Out assigned to AES and AN 3/4 Mirror of Output Main - Fader Group 1 created with Main and AN 3/4

Monitors B (AN 5/6) + Sub (AN 3/4)
2. Attempting to create Fader Group 2 with Speaker B and AN 3/4, but it will not select AN 3/4. I suspect this is because it's already part of Fader Group 1 (above).

Is there any way I can have the Sub move relative to both my monitors, or am I stuck only having one set up like this? I even tried doing this on Snapshot/Mix 2, but it will would not allow me to select the Sub since it was already part of Fader Group 1.

Thank you.


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Re: Two Fader Groups - Both Using One of the Same Outputs?

Speaker B. Switches audio from Main Out to Main Out B. The faders of the channels Main and
Speaker B can be ganged via Link.
Do so.
Make the subwoofer part of fadergroup with the main-out only.

If you wonder how to link :
See your screenshot, the main-out channel has this green button CUE.
The Speaker B channel has instead a button Link, just click it.
Can't be easier.

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