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Might sound like a stupid question, but if I have just installed TotalMix driver "macOS 11 or up USB series DriverKit driver, v. 4.09" (downloaded from RME's website.  Should the About TotalMix FX display 4.09 as the version number?  Mine says "Version 1.86 macOS (1)", so I'm a little confused.

RME Digiface USB
Mac Studio M1 Ultra
Ventura 13.6.1

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Re: TotalMix (Driver) Version

No, driver version numbering and TM version numbering is separate. TM version is also part of different RME driver packages, so it is not possible to have the same number as driver even if RME would decide to number it the same.... Which is not the case.

Re: TotalMix (Driver) Version

Hi Kubrak

Many thanks for the detailed explanation.