Topic: Volume Line Out - Looking for some help please...

I currently have my volume level set at -10.5dBr - in the display above that it says +7dB (Auto).

I have purchased a new set of speakers (Falcon Acoustics LS35a Gold Badge), and they have a sensitivity of 83db, much lower than the 90dB sensitivity of my Wharfedale Linton heritage. The LS35a/s are 15ohms, so easy to drive, but I need to increase the volume on my Cyrus i9-XR amp by around 25% to get anywhere near the same volume.

If I turn the volume control on the front of the ADI-2 DAC FS, to say - 5.0dBr (with it saying +13dBu Auto above that 5.0dBr), it 'feels like' the same volume level I used to have (for the same volume setting on my Cyrus amp.

If I did that, would I be making a mistake? Any tips please?

Also my firmware is showing as V59 on the display when I turn it on - is this the most current version, or am I looking in the wrong place?

Any help is appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Re: Volume Line Out - Looking for some help please...

You did nothing wrong, 13dBu minus 5dBu is 8dBu, equals to 1.95V. a general Line input level (2V).

V59 is the latest firmware version.

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Re: Volume Line Out - Looking for some help please...

Thank you so much Johannes, it is appreciated.