Topic: How to Record Low Cut but Not Dynamics?

Hi all - I'm using a Fireface UCX II.  When I'm recording a singer I use the built in Dynamics in TotalMix FX so that they can hear themselves better.  This is purely for monitoring, and I don't want the recorded signal to have that processing, so I have "Record EQ+D" unchecked in Fireface USB Settings.  But my recording room gets a tiny bit of low-end rumble from the Air Conditioner, and I'd like to use a Low Cut to eliminate that, and I *would* like to have that processing in the recorded signal.  It seems like I'm missing something - is there a way to have the Low Cut in the Signal without having any of the other effects?  This seems like it would be a fairly standard use case so I'm surprised I haven't been able to figure it out.  Thanks!

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Re: How to Record Low Cut but Not Dynamics?

As the option EQ+D is selectable but not other things like EQ only, it should be clear it is not possible.
You can create a Loopback and sendback from a DAW to apply dynamics and EQ seperate on two channels.
The standard use for many is to record the voice dry clean without any manipulation and remove rumble afterwards with an EQ.
Analog mixers (recording consoles) usually have a filter button in the preamp area for cutting off lows. Trittschallfilter.
Interfaces like the UCXll don't have this feature there are reasons.
Also keep in mind the dynamics for monitoring can have the bad effect to singers to not improve their own dynamic.
They get lazy and don't bring the full power into the performance.

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