Topic: Solved UFX III jitter / glitch issues (hint: Caldigit TS4)

Posted here in case anyone else has the issue.

I was suddenly experiencing a lot of weird stutter and glitches with my newly purchased UFX III. Connecetd to Macbookpro 16 M1 Max. Connected through Caldigit TS4.

Before the UFX III, I had a UCX II and Madiface USB connected to the same TS4 without isssue. So it worried me a lot to suddenly have this problem.

I was searching this forum for people experiencing problems with UFX III and only found people having issues with overlapping drivers - which wasn't my issue. Or solutions of using USB 2.0 - which I can't since I'm using the MADI interface.

My last attempt before trying to plug directly in to my macbook ws to investigate the USB busses of the TS4. Apparently the usb port I was using for the UFXIII is on the same bus as the Displayport connecter for my external monitor. I switched to one of the other busses and it resolve my problems.