Topic: reliable Driverless USB Audio Interface ?

Is there a driverless USB Audio Interface from RME that can be used in a conference environment?
I´m setting up an insert studio for a co-working space.
So it will be a BYOD (Bring your own device) situation, meaning that the Audio Interface must be "seen" instantly from all kinds of computers.

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Re: reliable Driverless USB Audio Interface ?

What size/form factor, number and type of I/O ports do you need?
There are quire a few RME recording interfaces and reference converters which support CC mode.

To put a few examples from memory
Babyface Pro, Digiface AES, 802 FS, UCX II, UFX II, UFX III (even USB3 CC mode)

Double check manuals or by using my Excel comparison sheet (around line 87)

These reference would be possible under the following conditions:

a) If you do not need mic inputs at all:
ADI-2 DAC FS, ADI-2 Pro FS, ADI-2/4 Pro FS R BE

b) Reference converter with analog input where you could connect a separate Mic preamp:
ADI-2 Pro FS, ADI-2/4 Pro FS R BE

If mobility is priority and the option to be operated with USB Bus power: Babyface Pro FS

If you need more, then the UFX II gives you plenty of options with also a small form factor of 9.5"
- 6 configuration profiles that you could pre-configure to have suitable routing pre-set for different use cases
- operational with the display in stand-alone mode
- Autoset and DURec for recording to USB Stick or USB disks
- Excellent Mic Preamps
- USB port for ARC USB
- remappable keys and lock keys
- possibility to use TM FX per iPAD but only for stand-alone mode without a PC connected

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Re: reliable Driverless USB Audio Interface ?

Hey ramses,
thanks a lot for taking the time to answer.
That helped.