Topic: Multi-channel support at the Linux OS layer?

I am looking to switch from Windows to Linux, and I’m trying to figure out if I can present multiple channels from my RME UFX+ to the Linux operating system as different sound devices? I am able to do this in Windows through the RME driver configuration, which allows me to dedicate channels to different applications, such as Discord, Gaming, Music Player, main system audio, etc. through what appear to the OS as separate sound cards.

Can I do this same thing in Linux? I’m guessing the answer is “no” because we need to run the RME UFX+ in CC mode, which I imagine only presents a single audio device to the OS, and requires a DAW to access all other channels.

Can anyone confirm one way or the other before I take the plunge? Thanks!

Re: Multi-channel support at the Linux OS layer?

You should check You can connect several sound cards to the system at the same time. You can route sound between different applications, etc. Everything is quite easy. At least Ubuntu Studio can do this right away.