Topic: 12Mic/12Mic-D S/PDIF-ADAT - Feature Request

Would it be possible through a firmware update to make the 3 ADAT outputs on the 12Mic/12Mic-D switchable from ADAT to S/PDIF like it is on other RME devices such as the Digiface USB?

This would add a great deal more output options for D>A and D>D.

Re: 12Mic/12Mic-D S/PDIF-ADAT - Feature Request

In the sense of format converter or to be able to connect another D/A convertrer like ADI-2 Pro, so that sample rate changes can be detected better compared to ADAT.


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Re: 12Mic/12Mic-D S/PDIF-ADAT - Feature Request

It would be good to be able to get stereo SPDIF out of ADAT outputs (like Madiface USB) and stereo AES3 out of MADI coax outs on all RME interfaces. Hugely useful for expanding monitoring and streaming options on site. It seems its something that might be done in software?