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Just purchased an RME ADI 2 FS DAC and waiting for it to show up.

Currently have an old Oppo HA-1 headphone amp/DAC hooked up to a Schiit Vidar amp, Revel M106 speakers and a Kef KC 62 sub.
I have the analog pre amp outs of the HA-1 going to the line input of the KC 62 sub and the line out of the sub going to the analog inputs of the Schiit Vidar.

My question is will replication of this hook up to the ADI-2 FS work in the same manner or is there a better way? Maybe using both sets of outputs? None of my speakers or sub have balanced connections. The Vidar does but that's only for 1 channel and I don't plan to buy another amp. Appreciate your feedback.


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Re: Another sub connection question

Best is to get a sub with its connections for active monitors (satellite speakers).

How else do you want to separate the frequencies between sub and satellite speakers?
The DAC only has one D/A converter.

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Re: Another sub connection question

The correct chaining is like you have it:

KEF KC62 RCA line in
KEF KC62 RCA line out
Schiit Vidar RCA in
Reveal M106 speakers

This way the sub cares for proper x-over filtering both for its lows and for the Reveals.

For sub‘s basic settings check with it‘s manual.
A measurement tool can help finding good setting.

Re: Another sub connection question

Great. Look forward to messing with it.