Topic: PCIe Slot speed? hdspe Ratdat

Im considering buying a hdspe RayDat card, but im not sure if its compatible with my motherboard.

My mobo is an Asus p5bv-c it has 3 pcie slots, 1 16x and 2 8x.

So, which slot would I use for the sound card? Does the speed of the pcie slot matter?

If this is a stupid question i apologize!

ASUS P5BV-C,Intel Core 2 Quad 2.8 Ghz,Q9300,
4gig Ram,XPsp2 MOTU828Mk3,M-Audio ProFire2626,


Re: PCIe Slot speed? hdspe Ratdat

You can use any slot.

Matthias Carstens