Topic: MADIface with Logic 8.02 causes system freezes?

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use a MADIface with a MacbookPro Unibody 15inch 2.4GHz, 4Gb ram. The audio is from an external drive.

I'm trying to record and playback from a digital desk, 56 channels.

I have pre recorded sessions that i'm playing in Logic, that at random times causes the MBP to freeze instantly. At this point the MADIface also outputs full scale digital noise on most if not all outputs, which is kinda scary!

I've run the same sessions without the MADIface and its all very good so it's not a processing or disk problem. It seems that it crashes so quickly that it doesn't even have to time to make a log. There is no crash, hang or panic reports in the console logs.

I'd really love to get this working as it's such an elegant solution. Does anyone have experience of this? Any answers  help / advice or suggestions very greatfully received.

Many Thanx