Topic: ADI-6432 For HDSP MADI


I'm looking into buying an RME card but first I'm trying to learn all about the different hardware options! - Just so I know what I'm letting myself in for! - The ADI-6432 - There is some confusion about this - Is this unit just 32 input / 32 output??? - Via the 8 X D SUB connectors with 4 XLR in and 4 XLR out on each.  I did read the manual online where I got this info from.......Elsewhere I may have mis-understood that the ADI-6432 has 64-in-64-out channels........please will someone clear let me know what the situation is- Thanks.......

Re: ADI-6432 For HDSP MADI

As the AES/EBU format is organized in pairs of two channels, the ADI-6432 supports 64 channels in 32 stereo pairs. The device converts all 64 channels of a RME MADI card to 32 AES/EBU I/Os - in both directions. So it?s a bidirectional 64-channel converter (= 128 channels) and the perfect frontend for a MADI card or a multicore connection over up to 2000 m.

ALVA offers the necessary AES/EBU breakout cable.

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