Topic: ADI-96PRO - failure

Our converter ADI-96PRO seems to be broken after some 6 years of rock solid operation. Heavy distortion, lost "clock" on output to PC, repeating "restarts" (=calibration routines) in last 2-3 days. If I remember correct it started initially always after some 1-2 hours, today after 5-6 minutes of operation. Strange: without any input signal - only meaturing noise floor, cables disconnected - converter "lives". But if I hook Studer or test generator (1 kHz, 0 dBu sine), ADI fails, cycled in restart trap.
Tested with 2 computers (same config with DIGI96PRO, XP PRO SP3, Samplitude 9, Digicheck), Studer A-80, Studer 812 and test generator). ADI-96 connected  using AES/EBU and XLR patchbay and of course by sole pair of XLRs. Nothing helped...
Any idea? What about repair chances in RME/Germany?

Michal Skopik
Straznice/Czech Republik

Re: ADI-96PRO - failure


the unit can definitely be repaired. If you send it in, you'll get a quote for the price before the repair is carried out.

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Daniel Fuchs

Daniel Fuchs