Topic: MADI matrix - possible API or serial control?

I have the HDSP MADI and the ADI6432 for 32x AES i/O.

What I would like to do is use this setup to mimic a professional AES router so that multiple sources can be monitored and listened to at multiple desks in an office.

The main feature that I need to achieve this that I can not yet find is for remote control of matrix routing via serial or software API. This is to allow simple custom software to be produced and installed on each users PC that will restrict their routing ability so that they can route any source but only to their own destination.

If this is possible then it would offer a very economical alternative to pro AES routers that would suite my projects needs very well.

Is anything like this offered by RME?


Re: MADI matrix - possible API or serial control?

We do not supply such a software, but TM can be controlled by a software easily using ADM commands, in all three rows. So if you have someone writing this stuff...

Matthias Carstens