Topic: midi remote through Yamaha mixer?

Hello maybe someone can help me with this problem, even if it?s not a specific RME problem.
My connection look like this.
Yamaha 01v2 with MY16-MD64  I/O card
RME  ADI-642
And I would like to midi remote control the ADI-642 through the MADI stream.
I can?t get the remote signal to pass thru the Yamaha mixer.
I can?t rout incoming MADI midi thru to outgoing MADI.
Does someone know how to do this

Anders SDT

Re: midi remote through Yamaha mixer?

Dear Anders,

we're using almost the same configuration. The only difference is that we have the MADI-Interface from Schierbecker Audio in Hamburg. There you can turn on an option called "Transparent MIDI data". Since I think that the YAMAHA-board is almost identical check with YAMAHA if there exists this option as well or call Ulrich Schierbecker (fon: +49 40 8517700 or eMail: directly.


Andreas Neubronner

Andreas Neubronner
Tritonus Musikproduktion GmbH, Stuttgart (Germany)

Re: midi remote through Yamaha mixer?

Thank you for your reply Andreas.
According to Yamaha, the MY16-MD64 I/O card doesn't support MIDI at all.
It is too bad for me, I have to think of some other solution

Regards Anders