Topic: Please confirm understanding of MIDI functionality - MICSTASY

Hi (again)

just got my new MICSTASY rig and I'm getting to grips with the functionlity.
I'm recording next week and part of the requirement is to record MIDI alongside audio.
I would like to be able to use the remote Preamp functionality, but I understand this isn't possible if I want to record MIDI at the same time.

I plan to:

record midi in MICSTASY ID 1 with REMOTE=MIDI setting
record audio in MICSTASY ID 2 with REMOTE=OPTION.

REMOTE=MIDI allows the midi 'out' to function as a MIDI THRU on the ID1 unit and will alllow recording of midi, but will disable remote control via the MADI interface.

Can someone please confirm or correct my understanding of the functionality.

I have managed to confirm the recording side of things but not the midi thru side...




Re: Please confirm understanding of MIDI functionality - MICSTASY

What you need is a small MIDI Merger tool, not expensive, in front of the Micstasy ID1 MIDI input. Then you can merge the stage MIDI signal with the remote MIDI signal (Micstasy MIDI output).

Make sure the MIDI Remote is set to slow display update, or the MIDI bandwidth will be insufficient and MIDI notes delayed...

Matthias Carstens