Topic: Digiface+PCI card with (ALSA)linux and (streaming drivers)windows XP?

I have setup my digiface with streaming drivers in win XP , works flawlessly. If I want to use it in Linux I guess I have to update firmware for ALSA , right? Does it mean I can't use it on my dual boot setup win/linux with the same firmware?
In other words, what happens with linux alsa firmware when I boot back to winXP?
Thanks in advance for your reply.

Re: Digiface+PCI card with (ALSA)linux and (streaming drivers)windows XP?

I don't think you will have any problems.  The firmware installed with ALSA does not overwrite your device, but is kept computer local to access it.  There is firmware for the digiface, multiface and more recently the RPM though the RPM firmware is not yet part of ALSA.  64studio version 2.1 32bit has all these installed for the digiface by default.  It worked with my multifaceII on first (re)boot.