Topic: Express34 to external PCIe converter box

I was wondering if anyone has used this to connect a HDSPe card to a laptop with express34?

PCIe extender for Express cards

Seeing as it's designed for a bespoke rendering card for a pro digital camera (RED) I would imagine the specs are quite high.
It defeats the portability of a laptop but it might fit the bill for some specific installation requirements somewhere.
It doesn't make sense cost wise if you can buy an RME express34 card and an HDSPe card for the same money.
Theoretically I like that the card stays in the box and you can use it with your desktop or laptop without having to swap out cards.
Those are mostly cons but maybe someone out there can see some pros that I don't.


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Matthias Carstens

Re: Express34 to external PCIe converter box

Yikes! Vitua Via seems to make a converter for "everything". Geiger counters even.

I'm not defending the MaxxDigital card because I haven't tried it but it would appear to be a more promising possible solution as Maxx at least sells in the pro area and that card that it's designed for, the Red Rocket is a pretty high bandwidth card.
I have an express34 for my MultifaceI and RPM so I am sorted for my MBP. I am waiting for invoices to clear so I can pick up an PCIe card for the newer MacPro.