Topic: PLease recommend a setup for 8 mic + 4 line I/O

Hi there

I currently own a MOTU896HD mk2 firewire interface which gives me 8 mic pres to my DAW (XP / Cubase) very reliably.

Unfortunately the mic preamps on the MOTU are a little poor in the sense that 90% of the gain control is in the last couple of mm of travel on the pots.

In any case I want to expand to at least 12 channel I/O of which at least 8 must be mic pres.

MOTU have an 8pre which on paper integrates nicely into a existing MOTU setup but I am keen to see what other options from alternative manufacturers exist.

Can anyone suggest a setup from RME that would give me 8 channels of mic pre plus at least 4 line at the same time to my DAW over firewire?

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Re: PLease recommend a setup for 8 mic + 4 line I/O

Fireface 800 (4x Mic+6x Line) plus QuadMic (4x Mic)

UFX+ XTC, ADI 8 QS w/madi
12 Mic, M1610 pro
MacBookPro M1
Logic Pro X