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Topic: RME DDS and sample rate mismatch/ playback speed issue

I?ve got a problem with a sample rate mismatch for a project.  I know what to do (or what not to do) now and it works just fine but I can?t re-record this one and looking for ways to solve this particular project.
I just replaced my old rig with an RME Fireface800. I?m running Sonar 7 Producer and the RME ASIO drivers. RME was set as master and a Digimax D8 as slave. This was my first time with this set up.
In not being completely thorough to ensure Sonar was set to my usual 48KHz (I guess it got changed when I installed the RME) and being new to the RME I recorded a project that was 44.1Khz 24bit in Sonar but the RME was set to 48KHz with DDS enabled. (the little Radio button on the DDS tab had 48 K selected, the multiplier is set to x1 and the fine tuning was disabled) (the RME was set to master and was indicating 48KHz).  Yes-that was a mistake.
I noticed this after recording the first few tracks. I?d already set up all the routing for all the tracks which took a while and since they were playing back just fine I decided to continue on and not start a new 48Khz project and re-do all that work while people wait as time was an issue. At that point I didn?t realize the significance of DDS. 
So now I have this project that plays back just fine in Sonar when the RME is set to 48K with DDS enabled. If I disable DDS it plays slower. If I change the RME to 44.1 DDS enabled or not, it plays slow. All the tracks in the project I?ve verified are 44.1.K 24bit.
I usually mixdown (export) to wav and then open in Wavelab for mastering /converting to 44.1/16bit creating MP3?s etc.
After export, and regardless of whether I export  48K or 44.1 K Wavelab behaves the same way as Sonar. With the RME running at 48K with DDS enabled it plays fine. With the RME at 48K without DDS and 44.1K with or without DDS it plays slow.
So when I export to MP3 and play it on my ipod it plays slow.
I?ve tried converting all the tracks to 48K with R8Brain and reloading into a 48K project but it still behaves the same way.
The only way I?ve managed to salvage this is actually pitchshifting in Wavelab and then the usual mastering/converting etc.
Any other ideas?
Can anyone explain DDS further? What is the difference between 48K with and without DDS enabled. I would think it should be the same speed and wouldn?t change until you select another rate or use the fine tuning and/or multipliers.
I?ll play any song in itunes and shift between DDS enabled and not while keeping the rate the same and it plays in different speeds. There?s something I?m not getting.
Anyway- if you?ve made it this far- thankyou for reading and hopefully someone can help me see the light.

Re: RME DDS and sample rate mismatch/ playback speed issue


In WaveLab change sample rate for any reason with
"Convert sample rate"  WL 6 pdf manual 9-210
turn off DDS in Fireface Setting dialog !
if 44.1 kHz then change to 48 kHz check playback and save file
make backup to be on the safe side

been there :-)

hope this little trick will save you
or visit WaveLab forum
http://www.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewforum. … 33b7e3f1e0

regards S-EH

Re: RME DDS and sample rate mismatch/ playback speed issue

Thanks very much S-EH.

I'll give it a try.