Topic: HDSP9652 + Sonar 8.5.0: WDM OK?

I just recently flashed the HDSP9652 hardware to v108 and updated the driver to v3.08.2.  I was thinking I could use the WDM driver for the HDSP but Sonar 8.5.0 seemed to not understand all of the various HDSP ADAT output ports under WDM/KS.  Outputs ADAT 1/2, 9/10 and 17/18 were all found in multiple instances (4 output pairs each) in the Sonar WDM/KS driver GUI but none would work.  However, in other software such as Switch, Reaper, Windows Control Panel | Sounds and audio devices | Audio, Media Player, all of the ADAT ports under WDM appeared as expected and were functioning properly.  Selecting the ASIO driver instead under Sonar seemed to resolve the problem.  Sorry for my confusion, but is the HDSP WDM driver intended to work with Sonar or must only the ASIO driver be used in Sonar for some reason?  Thanks!

System Info: 3.46 GHz Intel Pressler 955 Extreme Dual Core 1080 MHz FSB 4 GB DDR2 667 MHz RAM / Intel 975XBK Mainboard (Intel 975 Chipset) / SATA 7200 / XP Pro 32 bit SP3 / RME HDSP9652 + AEB I/O / RME ADI-8QS

Re: HDSP9652 + Sonar 8.5.0: WDM OK?

Use ASIO driver for Sonar, go to options, audio, advanced and change the driver mode and just apply.
You can set the latency with the panel.

Re: HDSP9652 + Sonar 8.5.0: WDM OK?


Thank you for your reply.  I am using ASIO mode now, but was wondering if there was any experience or documentation within the RME camp here as to why WDM driver mode for the HDSP9652 seems to be incompatible with Sonar's 8.5.0 WDM implementation.  My interest in WDM is to be able to operate multiple I/O devices (different manufacturers) concurrently, which I understand ASIO prohibits (or possibly ASIO in Sonar prohibits, I can't recall), and to try to circumvent Sonar's punch-out gap problem, apparently observed only in ASIO mode.  Otherwise, ASIO with the RME HDSP9652 and Sonar 8.5.0 seems to be rock solid.  Best regards.