Topic: issues integrating 9632 with monitoring playback and record booth.

I've got the 9632 card running in a Windows 7 64bit computer. I'm going out of an Apogee Rosetta 200 via toslink into the RME. The other RME inputs are for my ISDN, etc. Before, when I had the Apogee using the Firewire X interface direct into the computer, if I did playback from the computer, audio from the recording booth was automatically muted. Now when I run audio frm playback, I can still hear the booth being monitored as well.  Do I have to use the mixer software and mute everytime or is there some easier fix.

And I have tried going in directly using the RME's A/D D/A and it's the same story. By the by, I am recording using Soundforge 10.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and for not making fun of me.

By the way, my main reason fro the RME card is that Apogee no longer supports windows at all. My other solution would have been to use Windows XP for the rest of my life. Anybody think I could or should ditch the Rosetta 200 and just use the RME?  Double thanks.