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Topic: VST conflict.FF 800

FF 800
All drivers now up to date 2.9991 and hardware revision 2.77.
FYI before updating the drivers I could not go below 128 samples, and now with the latest I get to 64 without issue.

I run Gigastudio 4 and vsti B4ii organ. Have just added "TH 1" guitar software vst.
The B4ii VSTi starts as normal, but if I load the "TH I" vst the B4 then has no sound, however if the organ is not present the other plugins behave.
Anyone have this sort of issue?

Bryan H

Sager Laptop Intel quad 2.8
Win 7 Ult 64 bt
32 gb ram FF800, Reaper
Texture Dosbox 74

Re: VST conflict.FF 800

Not likely to be a driver issue, since the audio interface does not interact with plugins directly. I would suggest to post this in a Gigastudio forum, if there is one...

Daniel Fuchs

Daniel Fuchs