Topic: FF800 Playback issues

Hey Guys,

I use a fireface 800 with Logic. For years, never a problem. Recently, I hooked it up with multiface 1 for 8 more in/outs to use for inserting hardware during mixes. Everything was easy sneezy. First couple of routing inserts worked like a charm.  Here is where the problem starts.

Last night I started a new session, imported a l & R stereo mix. opened up another track to work on vocal ideas. Keep in mind while recording everything is perfect. No Latency at all. Then when I listen back the vocal is way off from what I did. If I start the song in playback from the very beginning "0000" everything is perfect again. At any point if I stop and start the song again without going back to the beginning it's way off again.

I unhooked the multiface, restarted computer and Fireface and the same problem occurs. I didn't change anything on the Fireface except the adat sync lock to multi face.

Not sure what changed but I just can't get things back to normal.

Does this sound familiar to anyone, am I missing a step to reset the Fireface to normal single use.

What could be wrong?


Re: FF800 Playback issues

Are we talking Mac and Aggregated devices? Seems you forgot to slave the MF to the FF 800 via word clock.

Matthias Carstens