Topic: What is everybody using out there?

I posted earlier this week about this problem that i might encounter but had no replies so ill try again.

Am i to beleive that there is no one out there that is using a new duo core laptop with a pcmcia cardbus?

i want to buy an m6400 but after reading more on the forum, im very dubious to wether this will work.
There is especially one guy that has been intouch who has the same set up, m6400, old pcmcia cardbus and old multiface but im not sure if his posts are directly linked to cubase.

I will be using windows 64 bit with old pcmcia carbus and multiface 1. mainly with old logic 5.5 on pc, alblton 8 and reaktor, the later are a must for me, im only going to buy the m6400 because its one of the only laptops left that offers pcmcia and has a large screen

Is there anyone out there that has any info on this or can supply me with a mobile system thats fast that can run what i have?

I love my rme card and have had one since day one, ive thrown alot of business in rme direction over the years becuase epople have seen how well it has worked, my 2 previous systems were a dell inspiron 8100 and 9100, both work flawlesly, what i cant be doing is buying a new fast laptop and then having problems and have to shell out another ?300 for the new cardbus.

Come on people, gimme some help please, i can find any definate answers anywhere.

Thanks in advance

Re: What is everybody using out there?

Hey Million,
first: sorry about my english...

In the past i had an Inspiron8100, worked with WinXP, Cardbus, MF1, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic 5.5.3, worked all fine.
Now i have a Latitude D830, PCMCIA, worked all so fine with WinXP, Win7/64, OSX, Cardbus, MF1, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic5.5/9 all is working fine.
I used and use my systems for Live Recordings, to be on the Road, in other Studios and had never problems.
I use my System with a TC-Powercore by Firewire.

I think, your choice will work fine. Its more than fast enough...

Hope, this helps a bit...

Re: What is everybody using out there?

Hey unborn..
could u please let me know the chipset of your lattitude, for the pcmcia controller and the 1394 controller

thanks in advance

Re: What is everybody using out there?

Here it is:

PCMCIA: O2Micro OZ711EZ1 / MZ1
IEEE 1394 / Firewire: is just branded as OHCI conform Host Controler
but seams like a O2Micro, too (vendor: 1217 device:00f7)