Topic: LOGIC PRO 9 and RME system for inserts

I'm trying to find out how to let my rig working well. I use a FF800 + ADI 8 DS for summing on a 16 channels summing box using Logic Pro 9.0.2. Everything works really great.

Then I decided to add an additional ADI 8 PRO just for using my outboards because I would use them for real time mixing, not just for tracking.
I've connected the DS and the PRO via ADAT to the FF800 with no problems at all. The outputs of the FF800 and DS go straight into the summing box (having 16 analogue outputs), ADI PRO is connected to a Neutrik patchbay, just for inserts purpose.

Here is the issue: I cannot work with the I/O plugin on a logic channel strip. If I bypass it I can see the signal going through the PRO converter (both in/out leds are green and I can see the outboard running), as soon as I active the plugin nothing happen and chain is not working.

I've tried different combinations on rme total mix, but I'm still not getting positive results.

Any suggest is very well accepted! :-D