Topic: FF400 or UC better for OS X?

sorry for a simple question..
I am using the combo macbook pro & ff400 for a long time without problems.
now we need another fireface for a different rig. it will be macbook white for another year or so and then most likely another macbook pro.
so would you recommend the UC over the ff400? one of my concerns is future compatibility, who knows if apple will discontinue firewire again in a year or two...
but it?s also performance. In the latest setup we used all 10 digital outputs, 8 analog outputs & 7 analog inputs + 2 midi inputs & 1 midi output, routed through ableton live. the latency (if ableton showed the correct number) was around 8ms.
would the UC be able to do this?


Re: FF400 or UC better for OS X?

All other things being equal, the Fireface UC should perform a bit better than the Fireface 400 on a Macbook or Macbook Pro.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.