Topic: FF800 Dual boot Xp 32 bit working and Xp 64bit not working

I record audio with sonar in xp 32 bit and its worked great for a year.  I edit video in xp 64bit (I need the ram) and am using m-audio at the moment but would like to use my ff800 for audio.  I have not been able to get the latest driver installed with the latest firmware 2.77 which i updated on my 32bit xp OS.  It says windows cannot load the drivers for this device (code 31)

Is there a problem with xp 64bit ??  I tried different Ti ohci drivers (none said legacy) and still no go. This pci card is about 9 years old but works great in xp 32bit so i believe it works properly.  The onboard via 1394 port also doesn't work and no driver says legacy in the list as well.

Can anyone see why it works in 32bit but not 64bit xp????  Any help would be appreciated.  I've read pretty much all I can find on this topic but most is windows 7 64bit stuff.