Topic: Recommended sleeve / case / shell for Multiface?


I'm going to be travelling a lot with my Multiface 2 and HDSPe card.  Can anybody recommend a good neoprene sleeve or case?  I don't want to rackmount it, it'll just be in a bag with a bunch of other stuff so if it's a hardshell case it would have to fit snugly. 


Re: Recommended sleeve / case / shell for Multiface?

I also searched for quite some time for a proper case. I finally bought a coin collectors case like this one when they were for sale for around 10? at a discounter:

[img align=L][/img]

I threw away the innards and the MF2, PCMCIA HDSP card, power adapter and some cables fit in perfectly. I wanted a hard case but anything I had found before (even at big music stores) was too big or too small.

Don't know if its exactly what you are looking for though. Maybe check some local remnants store for such stuff, you could be lucky!