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Topic: The usual FF800 problems with a laptop

Sorry to post here, I realise this issue has been discussed many times and I have tried to search out a definitive answer. Here goes:

Using a FF800 on a PC through the FW400 port presents no problems.

When I try to go through a laptop express card (ST Labs, chipset unknown), I can connect fine. I also get near-error free recording @ 44/48kHz. When I try to increase the sample rate however I get dropouts, which don't seem to depend on the actual rate.

Acer Extensa 5630
Intel Duo T6400 2x 2.0GHz
Intel Chipset (Centrino chipset/processor combo)
4Gb DDR2
Win7 x64
Cubase 5.1

I've done a clean install of Win7 and disabled all simple hardware e.g. CD drive, VGA adapter, network etc. and all unnecessary Windows startup Apps. This didn't seem to change anything.

The problem seems to persist on another laptop (specs unknown), so perhaps it's _just_ the express card. *hopeful*

I see myself faced with a few solutions:

1) Look at disabling more IRQ thingees as I will only use this install for music.
2) Try and find a better express card i.e. one with a TI chipset.
3) Or would a PCMCIA card be better?
4) Use a Hammerfall as the interface coupled with a Digi or Multiface and only use the 800's preamps sent over ADAT.
>>> If the firewire problems I'm having are related to my PC hardware, then will I have the same issues with Hammerfall?


Re: The usual FF800 problems with a laptop

Okay, so I was messing around in Device Manager with the DPC tool. I get a bad interrupt with the LAN, the USB is okay but adds ~100us. Something called "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Embedded Controller >> Compliant Controller Method Battery" was also bad, so I killed this too. Now I only get around 260us latency with Cubase open.

When I'm monitoring now I still get the same crackly audio behaviour on sample rates higher than 48kHz. No DPC issues, everything is still in the green.

So, do you think it would be wise to look into a new 1394b Express Card? Or would I be better off going for the Hammerfall?


Re: The usual FF800 problems with a laptop

It seems things might be okay if DDS is disabled. Even changing to higher sample rates doesn't produce the digital noise I was hearing before.

I'll have to make sure recording more tracks at once works properly.

But thanks for all of your help and suggestions [/jk] wink


Re: The usual FF800 problems with a laptop

DDS IS disabled by default, so why did you turn it on?

Matthias Carstens

Re: The usual FF800 problems with a laptop

Not sure, I seem to remember it already being on (?)

Do you think the DDS function is overloading the FW buss? Or is something else? Obviously for music applications the precise frequency control isn't necessary.